California counties could not function and deliver our citizen services without the products and services of our Industry Partners. In addition, CCISDA, as an organization, could not function and deliver our association mission to members without the strong relationships made with Industry Partners. CCISDA provides many opportunities for Industry Partners to engage with CCISDA and our membership throughout the year.  ​

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Industry Partner Participation FAQ’s

How do I receive information on CCISDA conferences?
Conference information is distributed electronically and posted on the website. Email bradw@4arc.com to be placed on the distribution list.

How can I exhibit? 
Exhibit space is awarded by lottery. The lottery application period is launched 60-90 days prior to the conference. Exhibit spaces are awarded by random-draw lottery. Vendors not awarded space will be wait-listed. An exhibitor may purchase a registration for a maximum of four (4) employees.

How can I be a sponsor? 
A list of sponsorships and associated costs will be announced 60-90 days prior to each conference. Sponsorship items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. A sponsor may purchase a registration for a maximum of two (2) employees. Sponsorship purchase does not include exhibit space.

If I don’t get exhibit space, can I still register to attend the conference? 
You must be an employee of an exhibiting or sponsoring company to attend. Those not picked in the exhibit space lottery may sponsor or co-exhibit with a business partner.

How can I become a member of CCISDA?
CCISDA membership is reserved for staff members of California county IT departments. CCISDA does not have a membership category for vendors and/or suppliers.

How often does CCISDA have a conference/exhibit? 
Twice each year, spring and fall. Each conference has an exhibit hall.

Can vendors attend program sessions and conference events? 
Vendors are invited to participate with the members in all aspects of the conference not designated as members only.

How many people from my company can attend? 
Exhibitors may purchase a registration for up to four (4) employees; secondary exhibitors may purchase a registration for up to two (2) employees; and, sponsors may purchase a registration for up to two (2) employees.

Where can I view a floor plan of the exhibit space? 
Space assignments are made by CCISDA staff. A floor plan reflecting space assignments is available approximately two (2) weeks prior to the conference.

Can I request to be placed next to or away from a specific vendor? 
Yes. When you register, you may make special requests regarding placement. CCISDA staff will try to accommodate all special requests.

Who attends the CCISDA conferences? 
California county CIO’s, Asst CIO’s, CISO’s, GIS and Network Specialists, and other key IT department staff. Once the conference website goes live, you may view a real-time, sortable list of registrants that includes name, title, and agency.

What is the purpose of CCISDA conferences & exhibits? 
CCISDA’s conferences focus on networking and an educational program through a series of roundtables, program topics/speakers, training and quality exhibit-time.

What does it cost to exhibit? 
Exhibit space is limit of one space; fee is subject to change.
Registration fee for each person attending is $550 if registered and paid by the early bird deadline (usually 30 days before the conference), otherwise $750.

There are nominal charges for electrical and booth furnishings (table, 2-chairs, wastebasket). Lodging is on your own. Negotiated conference rates are available.

Travel to and from the event is on your own.

Registration includes all conference sessions, meals, social events not designated as members only. Special ticketed events are not included.

What is a secondary exhibitor? 
A vendor that shares space with another exhibiting company. A secondary exhibitor may purchase a registration for a maximum of two (2) employees.

What does it cost to be a secondary exhibitor? 
Sharing space with a primary exhibitor is $800 + the cost of up to two (2) registrations (fee subject to change).

What does it cost to sponsor? 
Cost of sponsorship ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 depending upon the benefits associated with the sponsorship.

Sponsors may purchase up to two (2) registrations for employees of their company.

Can I be a sponsor and an exhibitor? 

As a sponsor, what type of recognition do I receive? 
Listing on sponsor signs throughout the conference, premium listing on the conference mobile app.

Special event sponsors receive recognition at the sponsored event which may be in the form of signage, ticketing, special announcements or as appropriate to the event.

Will I receive a list of attendees?
A real-time list is available on the conference web site. Distribution of after-conference lists comes with one-time use only parameters and is distributed at the discretion of the Executive Board.

What is the exhibit space lottery?
Registration for exhibit space was previously handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Because each conference (held twice a year) would sell out within the first 24-hours, CCISDA now uses a lottery system to award space and sponsorship. There is an application period, spaces are awarded by random draw, and then all lottery applicants are notified.

How can I make the most of my time at a CCISDA conference?
To make the most of your experience at CCISDA, plan to attend sessions and find out what the hot topics are among California’s county IT professionals. Plan to attend events and meals to get to know CCISDA members. CCISDA conferences are designed to provide a forum for California county IT department employees to network with their peers and participating vendors.

Unlike a typical tradeshow, CCISDA has developed an environment that offers vendors the opportunity to participate with the members and to be an integral part of the networking and educational process.

What is the Strategic Partnership Program?
CCISDA’s Strategic Partnership Program has been developed to ensure that partner companies may participate in CCISDA conferences, as well as expand their exposure to the entire membership. Partnerships are for a calendar year.


  • Partners are guaranteed the opportunity to purchase exhibit space: Platinum Partners 2 conferences/year; Gold Partnership 1 conference/year.
  • Recognition at both conferences
  • Recognition on both conference mobile apps
  • May promote your company on CCISDA’s listserv (1 ad per year, subject to approval)
  • May offer up to 2 webinars in 2019 w/1 invitation and 1 reminder for each distributed to CCISDA’s membership
  • CCISDA partner logo to display on your web site
  • Recognition on CCISDA’s web site