About Us

The California County Information Services Directors Association is the official organization of the county IT directors and CIO’s throughout the state of California. CCISDA represents all 58 California counties in the area of information technology and county government.

CCISDA facilitates sharing of new information technology applications and products, staff development and training, consulting services to member counties and support organizations, and systems integration work between counties, the State of California and the federal government. CCISDA members also regularly participate in many statewide and national government and technology organizations.

CCISDA meets in conference annually each year. Each conference includes specialized course work, workshops, seminars and information exchange in the above outlined areas, as well as a complete trade show of new products and services by America’s major corporations that specialize in local government IT.

CCISDA’s workgroups, Rural/Small Counties, Information Security Forum, Criminal Justice, and Property Tax meet quarterly.

Brief History of CCISDA

On June 7, 1957, 10 people representing nine California counties met in Riverside, California. At this initial meeting, they adopted a resolution forming the California Association of County Data Processors (CACDP). In 1999, the organization adopted, a new name — California County Information Services Directors Association (CCISDA).

Through 1961, the organization met in conjunction with the County Auditors and Tax Collectors Association at a combined annual meeting. At CCISDA’s business meeting in 1961, the members voted to hold meetings semi-annually. In April 1962, the association had its first ‘solo’ meeting.

Early in the life of CCISDA, it became evident that the frequent exchange of information and the comparison of experiences between counties was very helpful. The semi-annual meetings assisted the orderly growth of automated systems in the varied counties.

The Association grew and rapidly included representation by all California combines, with the rare exception of some of the lesser-populated areas. All California counties are automatically CCISDA members. Conferences are attended by the CIO’s and their key assistants.

The Association held its first vendor trade show in conjunction with its Spring 1979 meeting. The Emeryville Holiday Inn did not have enough electrical power in its exhibit room to run the power-hungry computers of the time, so a motor-generator was leased and parked outside the hotel to power the exhibits. Vendor exhibits have been a major feature of all our conferences since that date.